Fish Talk

September 16, 2021

Restricted and Non-Restricted/PAL Course a Success!

Ed Banks from INSTINCT was our instructor for PAL/RPAL and the following people attended:

  • Richard Underwood
  • Reanne Askham
  • John Etzel Sr.
  • Chris Jim
  • Tristan Claxton
  • Adam Claxton
  • Curtis Claxton Sr.
  • Curtis Claxton Jr.
  • John Isaac Claxton
  • Joshua Wilson
  • Brett Wilson
  • Edwin Sam

Two full successful days of firearms safety training and handling – great opportunity for our community members who were in attendance, and everyone has passed! GO TEAM!!! Thank you to Reanne and Richard for coordinating the course, food and snacks for the two days.

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Training Courses

Tsawout Fisheries department will be hosting a few training courses in November. The courses will be Small Vessel Operators Proficiency course (SVOP), Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS), and Restricted Operator Certificate-Maritime (ROC-M). This is a great opportunity for some of our members for future, potential career choices in fishing or other marine related jobs.

We will have the SDV-BS and the ROC-M courses on Monday, November 8th and Tuesday, November 9th. The following week we will continue with the SVOP course from Monday, November 15th to Friday November 19th. Courses will be running from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

We have limited seats available. Seats will be open and available for Tsawout First Nation members. Each day of the courses we will be providing coffee as well as lunch for everyone.

Anyone who is interested please contact Chrissy Chen or Richard Underwood at 250-652-9101 ext. 324 ext. 324. Or 778-350-8967 for Richard Underwood’s cell phone. We will be contacting those who have called in first. If we do not contact you, please know that we may put a second list together for a possible future date for these courses.

Work Opportunity – James Island Restoration

Tsawout Fisheries department is in a partnership project with Rain Coast Conservation, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Discovery Land Company in developing a restoration initiative to assess and restore the health of the dunes and beaches around James Island.

As it is important to have Tsawout band members being a part of this restoration project, we are seeking to hire members for a short 4 to 5 days through the duration of the project and in the next few months.

The job scope is manual and mechanical, including hand-digging, hand- pulling and cutting woody shrubs at their base using loppers or small folding saws. There will be direction from the biologist prior to the work.

If you have interest in this valuable important work, please give us an email at and/or or call us at 250-652 9101 ext. 319.