2022 Sockeye Distribution

I would like to thank My crew for all their efforts and hard work.

Thank you Aquatrans, Jade Berg for delivery of our salmon from Brown’s Bay.

Thank you to Mavis Underwood for blessing and prayers. Bruce Morris, Dion Joseph, Darlene Horne, Elmer Horne, Jodi Rooke and Kelsey Rooke, Jacob Heberlein, Hanna Morris, Brad Sylvester, Kaleb Charlie and Marshall Charlie.

Thank you to Michelle Morris, Johnny Hermsen and Sandi Charlie for moral support it was appreciated and needed.
You all did an amazing job!

We would have not received any salmon for food if it wasn’t for our awesome Skippers, Tuma and Jesse and their crew members on Western Gambler and Sunfisher you are the best!

So much time and effort and very long days and nights to get our food. You are truly appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

Gilakasla to you all!! Chrissy
That’s a wrap!2022 salmon season 😊