Announcement: Seaspan-Victoria Tug and Barge Anchorages

May 15, 2024

From Chrissy Chen, Fisheries Manager

Barge Anchorages Adjacent to SȾÁUTW̱ First Nation Village

The SȾÁUTW̱ Fisheries Department has been dealing with ongoing issues and concerns regarding the barge anchorages adjacent to the SȾÁUTW̱ First Nation’s Village. Many community members have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current situation.

I have been closely monitoring and documenting the increasing number of anchored barges and log booms in the area, sharing this evidence with the involved companies. Recently, I observed ten barges anchored in the vicinity, which is unacceptable.

We have been in discussions with Victoria Tug and Barge, the main proponent of these anchorages, on multiple occasions. This issue has persisted for many years, affecting numerous individuals. Consequently, we have decided to escalate this matter by engaging the government to address the expired permit issued by the Provincial Government over several years.

In light of these developments, we have instructed Victoria Tug and Barge to vacate the area immediately. SȾÁUTW̱ First Nation has issued an eviction notice, and the company is planning to relocate to another location.

Thank you for your attention to this critical issue affecting our community.


Chrissy Chen
Fisheries Manager
SȾÁUTW̱ Fisheries Department