United as One

On December 11, 2021, Tsawout Elder Patti Underwood worked with the Tsawout Health Department to host “United as One”. This event was a place for community to gather and share teachings and stories around substance abuse, and overcoming addiction.

Many elders and other community leaders attended the event. These videos were recorded during the event, and are meant to be a resource for anyone who may find them useful on their own journey.

HÍSW̱ḴE to all who participated, and those who made these recordings possible.

For further information please contact the Tsawout Health Department at 250-652-1149.

Singers and speakers who do not appear due to technical difficulties in the recordings but presented are:

  • Russell Modeste
  • Ben Hillaire
  • Willard Pelkey
  • Mr & Mrs. Barry Underwood
  • Tsawout Addictions Counsellor, Mathew
  • Pastor Moses, Closing comments & prayer

Aunty Patti’s family would like to acknowledge the volunteers and also acknowledge auntie Patti‘s   love and contribution of personal funds to host this event to encourage youth and families. HISKWE HALE!

Introduction and Welcome, Opening Prayer – Elder May Sam

Master of Ceremonies Clyde Johnny

Elder John Elliott

Counsellor Donna Johnny Reads Message from Patti Underwood and Dream Acknowledgement

Elder Dan Sam

Elders Randy & Jennifer Daniels

Elder Peter & Stephanie Adams

Elder Reggie Sam

Counsellor Donna Johnny

Drumming & Singing by Scott Sam and Brandon George