Press Release

January 25, 2021

“Covid free Tsawout First Nation leadership exercising extreme caution over potential exposure.”

This morning Tsawout Administration was advised by Tsawout Health Team of a potential COVID exposure.  Thus far the exposure was with an asymptomatic individual with someone symptomatic at this time.  Asymptomatic means no symptoms/signs of COVID, symptomatic may mean exposure but not necessarily a positive test result.

There have not been any individuals, staff or community members confirmed positive for COVID.

Due to an abundance of caution required at this time precautionary measures have been undertaken to undertake contact tracing.  It is imperative to ensure that individual confidentiality and privilege is maintained at this time.

Individuals who may have been exposed to risk have been directed to self-isolate at home and to maintain COVID precautions to safeguard themselves at this time.  That means main safe distancing, maintain diligent hand-washing and wearing masks, covering coughs and sneezes, and undertake wiping down with cleaner common touch surfaces in the home or workplace.

Island Health and First Nations Health Authorities are assisting Tsawout Health team in undertaking COVID protocol.  Tsawout Community although experiencing many challenges is managing to maintain a high standard of COVID awareness and has undertaken precautions to protect staff, community, including children and vulnerable Adults and Elders.

The vaccine is not available to us at this time so it is important to maintain COVID awareness and COVID prevention measures.  It is important in this trying time to stay well-informed and calm for the children and Grandchildren in our communities.  We must continue our Teachings of leading by example and preparing ourselves by protecting our health and making efforts to protect the health of others.

Tsawout Administration Office is closed temporarily  for contact tracing and testing as needed to be undertaken and information as needed will be available through press release, postings in the community, or via Tsawout webpage, Tsawout Health facebook, or Tsawout page.

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